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 adam booher 

 documentary filmmaker  / director / cinematographer/ editor/ executive producer for found media

Adam Booher is a documentary filmmaker known for his ability to capture powerful and intimate moments on camera. He is a film director, editor, cinematographer, and producer at Found Media. In his career he has confronted entrenched narratives; centered stories around less represented and marginalized communities; and examined common narratives in extraordinary places.

For over a decade, Adam has worked with development NGOs, universities, social and environmental scientists, and government agencies to communicate the stories of their work. He has produced videos that capture subjects such as social justice, maternal and child nutrition, early childhood development and education, veterans issues, innovations in social and behavior change, agriculture, health, family planning, and the environment. Partners like RTI, JSI, Digital Green, FHI360, UA, UNC, Duke, and the Kigali Genocide Memorial are among his global clients. This work has taken Adam from Latin America and the Caribbean, throughout Europe, Africa, and India, to Indonesia, the Philippines, and Samoa. Through these experiences, he has nurtured his ability to connect with diverse communities, and develop relationships, based on trust and cultural sensitivity. 

Adam has numerous credits to his career in documentary filmmaking. In collaboration with Peabody and Emmy Awards winning journalist Orlando de Guzman, he filmed and edited ‘Ferguson: A Report from Occupied Territory’, which received recognition for its investigative reporting. He has been a cinematographer on several films directed by Jeff Zimbalist, most recently on ‘11 Minutes’, ‘Super League: The War for Football’, and ‘The Line’, which received multiple Emmy Award nominations. Adam's documentary ‘Give Us This Day’ won acclaim, with one critic writing ‘how the filmmakers were able to film several scenes of such incredible emotional intimacy testifies to their skill and, undoubtedly, affection for each of their subjects’.

In 2020, Adam established the video agency Found Media, providing a range of video production services to research groups, development NGOs, and universities; as well as partnering with documentary filmmakers. Through an intersection of disciplines – filmmaking, journalism, and ethnography – Found Media offers clients the chance to create a lasting impact in the communities they engage with.
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