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 Found Media  
Documentary inspired video production based in North Carolina, and working anywhere on earth.
   Adam Booher      Founder   
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 about us 
Found Media was established in 2020 by Emmy Award nominated filmmaker Adam Booher, known for an immersive hand-held style and unrivaled access to difficult subjects. With Found Media, Adam applies his passion for documentaries to video production of all kinds. Through the telling of intimate stories, Found Media confronts entrenched narratives, fosters cross-cultural understanding, and illuminates the human condition.
 we make videos  for clients including universities, development organizations, athletic organizations, brands, and businesses of all sizes. We produce, film, and edit branded documentaries, institutional videos, animated videos, event videos, product and marketing videos, how-to-videos, videos that inform, videos that excite, and videos that inspire!
  featured videos  
 we make documentaries.  Adam Booher is credited as a cinematographer and editor on widely distributed documentaries that have received numerous Emmy Awards and Emmy Award nominations.
  documentary credits  
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